Friday, March 2, 2012

Mass Effect 3 Launch Trailer Review

Reposted from BioWare Forums:

I'm not sure if I'm already too pumped for ME3 or what, but I don't think I had the same reaction other people did to the trailer. I mean, sure it was nice and all, but my pants and my keyboard remain thoroughly unsoiled.

Thoughts on the trailer:

Heavy emphasis on Male Shep. Great for people who want to play him, not so much for people who want to play FemShep.

0:22 Oh great, it's that kid again. Look, it's not like it's not an emotional scene, it just doesn't have the same impact when you keep seeing it over and over and over and over and...

0:43 The Asari being held by that Asari husk (don't remember what it's called), is that Rana Thanoptis? Her markings are white, not black, but aside from that they look the same.

0:47 Looks like some kind of half husk. Is this a product of the Reapers or Cerberus?

0:52 Is it just me or does Garrus sound like he's talking with a bit of lisp?

1:03 Ok, third time seeing him, I'm pretty sure that's Wreav.

1:11 The "Go to Hell" line seemed... I don't know, just out of place for some reason.

1:15 Car flip, explosion, pretty cool looking.

1:19 Blowing up a Reaper: also cool. Though firing weapons on a planet: potentially dangerous and advised against, but I guess you gotta kill the Reaper somehow.

1:21 Explosions in the Migrant Fleet. Hope to god Tali's on my ship during this time.

1:22 Tali!

1:24 Legion!

1:26 Jack, with some sort of mohawk ponytail thing going on. At least it looks like her jacket will cover her up a bit more (though leave plenty exposed).

1:22 - 1:27 Don't really like the heavy handedness of this line. Something about it doesn't strike me as "Shepardy"

1:30 Reaper vs Giant Thresher Maw. Can't wait to see how this one turns out.

1:33 Migrant fleet again, with what looks like a ship of unknown architecture. Possibly Geth? And more explosions.

1:41 - 1:43 And Ashely romance. They've been emphasizing her a lot lately, now we know why. Still, at least they're wearing underwear for the romance scene instead of just straight up dry humping like ME2.

1:49 Nice looking fleet, though in some playthroughs, the Destiny Ascension won't be there.

1:51 This game (and the series in general) seems to flip-flop on whether the reapers all look the same or different. Here, they all look the same.

2:03 Very impressive looking final scene. Liara's line really adds to it. Wonder what that thing is?

Ok, re-watching it, I can definitely say I didn't not like it, but I didn't love it. It crammed a lot into a short amount of time and I really think it could've done it better. The ME2 launch trailer may have set the bar too high. It still gives me chills when I watch it. Heavy emphasis on MShep, plus some of the lines they used not feeling right, makes me give this trailer a rating of 4/5 (Good, not great).

That said, I'm already really pumped for ME3. I definitely didn't need a trailer for that. Also, I think that, as of the end of the day, I'll be going on an Mass Effect media blackout. I'll spend some time with my wife this weekend to preemptively make up for the time she won't be seeing me. Bye everyone, see you once I've finished my first playthrough.