Monday, August 29, 2011

Hipster to English Dictionary

Hipster: They used to be good, before they sold out.
English: I don't know what they sound like now because I can't afford their album.

Hipster: I Liked them before they were popular.
English: This is the first I'm hearing of them.

H: I have X ironically.
E: I learned about irony from Alanis Morissette.

H: This look is in right now.
E: These clothes were on clearance at Goodwill.

H: I have a Facebook page ironically.
E: I got a Facebook page before I became this pretentious.

H: I don't have a Facebook page.
E: I don't want you to know I secretly play Farmville,

H: I don't have a MySpace page.
E: I don't know how to delete my MySpace page

H: I don't have a Twitter account.
E: What's Twitter?

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